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Crazy Woman Creek - Inspirational Western Romance Set in 1880 Wyoming Territory

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"You will be hooked from the first page ..." Baltimore Jewish Times

James Rose rode into the unforgiving darkness of the Wyoming prairie one stormy night and did not return. When the rancher's horse is found tied to a tree on the banks of the icy North-East Creek three days later, his wife Lenora insists that her beloved can't possibly be dead. He is too capable a horseman to slip and fall into a rushing creek. But everyone in the little town of Buffalo believes he drowned.

Not quite everyone. To Deputy Luke Davies, the beautiful widow's account of the events of that night provokes more questions than answers. Why is she so sure her husband did not perish in the wilderness? Why is she vague about the events that happened just before he rode off? What is she hiding? And who has been sneaking onto her property at night to harass her, and why?

Months pass; Rose's body doesn't surface. Lenora learns that the government will presume abandonment and confiscate her homestead if she cannot provide a certificate of death. But that's only a part of her trial by fire. Once Lenora becomes the main suspect in the homicide investigation, the town gossip mill turns from the missing rancher to the very attentive, very eligible young deputy and the lonely rancher's wife. As wild stories of murder and madness circulate around Buffalo, Luke and Lenora realize their growing attraction for one another. But without a body, Luke is frustrated by desire and Lenora is tortured by doubt. Is she truly a widow, or is her angry husband trying to teach her a lesson as some believe?

Crazy Woman Creek is an inspirational, historically accurate western romance set in Wyoming Territory, 1880.


What readers are saying about Crazy Woman Creek:
"There are so many questions in this book, and I never wanted to put it down because I wanted to find out what was going to happen next. There's a mystery, there's a love story, and there's a great depiction of life in the "wild" west in the 1800s. If you like romance and historical fiction, then you'll like Crazy Woman Creek."    --cookscrapcraft.blogspot

"Virginia Hull Welch has created a wonderful western reading adventure set in 1880 Wyoming. This fine work of fiction combines the mystery of Lenora Rose searching for her lost husband while developing a fondness for Deputy Luke Davies. With a well thought out plot and a precise grasp of English she brings all her characters to life. Thank you Virginia for an enjoyable Sunday read along with your resolution to publish this book. I am confident future readers will find this enjoyable and entertaining." --Peter Charleston, Amazon

"I don't usually read romance novels. That being said, I was pulled into the story by the many twists and turns in the plot line. I thought, OK boy meets girl, they fall in love, end of story. But in this story the girl was already married to someone else. There were so many difficulties in the way of this romance. Was the husband of Lenora (the girl) dead or alive? Was the deputy (the boy) Luke going to leave the territory? It's hard to have a romance without two people. There were unknown people stalking Lenora at night. Terrible things happened with an animal on her farm. Like I said, I was pulled into the intrigue of the story. It was an enjoyable read. It was also well written. The last story I read by Virginia Welch (The Lesson) kept me turning pages, unable to put the story down until I finished. I had the same experience with this book. I highly recommend it."
-- Candace Smothers, Amazon 

"This is a well written historical romance with unique plot twists and great historical details which give the reader a real immersion into the culture of the old west. It also has a believable plot tied to a geographical location that actually exists in the state of Wyoming. Very nicely done!" --Nancy Marie, Amazon
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