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Thank you for taking a moment from your busy day to drop by. I suspect that The Lesson, my first book, is what brings you. If you liked reading about Gina’s escapades, you might enjoy reading about Lenora and her trials and tribulations in
Crazy Woman Creek, an inspirational, western romance that released in April.

What to Do When the Blessings Stop -- When God Sends Famine

It's here! Available in paperback and e-book format, my first nonfiction release. Essentially it's a how-to book based on Haggai: how to respond to the worst type of spiritual chastening: famine. Click here for a synopsis.

My greatest desire is to entertain you and publish the truth of God’s love. Thanks for visiting, and happy reading.  


Click below to hear Ginny talk about What to Do When the Blessings Stop -- When God Sends Famine on nationally syndicated Moody Radio with John Rogers:
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Gina went off to college and came home with Michael, the cool, rich law student who made her Italian-American family proud. Now Michael has dumped her, her parents are barely speaking to her, and she’s dating a blind chemist twice her age. But those are just her little problems. Tonight she opened her door to a stranger who followed her home from a Bible study. Destiny or idiocy? He seemed like a nice, ordinary guy. Of course, they say the same thing about serial killers. Can a starry-eyed co-ed recast her expectations of the kind of guy who will make her happy? Does God have a sense of humor?
Inspirational romantic comedy based on a true romance that took place at historic Santa Clara University in California. In online bookstores now.
"Not only well-written, but entertaining and fun as well. Based on a true story, this is one Christian novel that does not preach at you. With accurate insights into human nature seasoned with levity, the author takes us with her as she discovers what true love, a life-long, lasting love really is. She learns a lesson and she shares it with us without sappy platitudes and keeps the reader engaged throughout the process."
                    --Nancy Marie,

"What a great read! Read it all the way through over the weekend! A reminder that sometimes God answers our prayers but we are to youthful to realize or tunnel visioned to listen. What a wonderful love story! Loved my walk down memory lane! Can't wait to read your next book!"

"I downloaded the Kindle version of The Lesson and from the opening words until the end I was captivated. It took me back in time through my own stories of love and loss. Thank you for letting us into your world Ginny! I'm so happy you chose to accept God's man for your husband -- this is a true love story written from the ❤ of God."
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